The 20 Best UX articles of 2015 (Part 1)

Here at Usabilla we love sharing great content with our community on Twitter. Each month we look back and compile the best articles of the previous month, but to kick off 2016 we decided instead to look back over the entire previous year and collect 20 of our Twitter community’s favorite UX articles. Here is part 1 of the list where we’ve included the first 10. Enjoy!

If you think we’ve missed any other great ones do let us know in the comments or tweet us @Usabilla

Good User Experience Design is Good for Business

by Marylin Balsano

Good User Experience Design is Good for Business - Usabilla

UX is becoming more and more important for businesses of all kinds. This post contains a nice overview of why you should be paying attention to (and investing in) user experience. It looks at the factors involved ‘below the surface’ of visual design and a couple of methods to measure the ROI. Although not the most advanced article, it can serve as a nice reminder for why good UX is necessary for business growth.

The Only UX Reading List Ever

by Simon Pan

The only UX reading list ever - Usabilla

For many people looking to get into the field of UX and design, it can be hard to figure out where to begin. This compiled reading list is a great resource for anyone looking to get a foundational understanding of the subjects.

SEO is Dead: Long Live User Experience Optimization

by Zac Johnson

SEO is dead - Usabilla

As Google continues to place more emphasis on the usability of your website (including penalizing sites for not being mobile-friendly), UX optimization has become crucial for improving your site’s search ranking. This article looks at why traditional SEO is no longer relevant and what you should be doing instead.

The 4 Essential UX Documents That Every Designer Needs

by Jerry Cao

The 4 Essential UX Documents Every Designer Needs - Usabilla

While wireframes and prototypes generally top the list for most important UX documents, this article makes a great case for 4 “supplements” that are generally overlooked, and why the four are actually “essentials”.

Using Journey Mapping for Better Feedback

by Keren Ruth Wong

How To Use Journey Mapping for Better User Feedback - Usabilla

Incorporating the voice of users and stakeholders is often hard to achieve in social-impact driven organizations. Here the author walks us through a case study where customer journey mapping was used to get their most effective insights from user feedback and ultimately refine the communication process.

Why the Confirm Password Field Must Die

by Anthony from UX Movement

password confirm field - Usabilla

This article makes a great case as to why password confirm fields actually lower the conversion rate of users completing their account registration and why websites need to start moving away from this practice. Learn more about how these password fields increase user frustration and what you can do instead to improve this experience.

Simplifying UX Design Through Storytelling

by Jessica Lowry

Simplifying UX Design Through Storytelling - Usabilla

A great post on the importance of storytelling in UX design. In order to be effective, the design (and the data) need to tell a story.

25 Excellent UX Examples From Ecommerce Sites

by Jack Simpson

25-excellent-ux-examples-from-ecommerce-sites - Usabilla

It’s no secret that providing a great user experience is key for any business and it’s great to see articles that bridge the gap between UX and ecommerce. Check this list out for examples of ecommerce sites that are doing UX right, and why.

UX: A Process or a Task?

by Marli Mesibov

Is UX a Process or a Task - Usabilla

Is “UX” a job or a process? Who is responsible for it? Is there a “one-size-fits-all” understanding when it comes to UX? This post does a great job of exploring the iteration “user experience” and what this means, not just for designers but for entire teams.

Apple’s Plan to Kill the Hamburger Menu

by Owen Williams

apple plan kill hamburger menu - Usabilla

The release of the iPhone 6s last year generated a lot of buzz. Alongside many new features, Apple introduced the “3D touch”. Owen Williams writes an interesting article about Apple’s new approach with the iPhone as a means to kill the hamburger icon.

Do you have a favorite out of these 10 articles? Let us know in the comments or tweet us @Usabilla. Keep an eye out for part 2 where we’ll include 10 more of the best UX articles of 2015.

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