Adobe XD: Experience Your Design

Wireframes and mockups are a staple of user experience design. These deliverables describe how a site will look and feel like before it’s developed. But the problem is that they’re static and have no life in them. It’s hard to describe the user experience without showing how users will interact.

This might lead you to use a separate prototyping tool to make your wireframes and mockups clickable. But those tools can create extra steps and a steeper learning curve that can slow you down.

It’s a burden to export your designs, import them into the prototyping tool, and create hotspots to link elements together. Not only that but if there are design revisions you have to go through this process all over again.


Adobe Experience Design CC (Preview), or Adobe XD for short, combines design and prototyping all in one tool. It allows you to switch from wireframes and mockups to a clickable prototype in a matter of seconds.

Now your audience can do more than look at your design, they can experience it. Instead of showing them a picture, you’re telling them a story. This can motivate and inspire them to support your design vision.

Core Features

Adobe XD is rolling out monthly feature updates based on community feedback. Below are the core features that make it a must-have design and prototyping tool.

Streamline Design

Speed up your design process with intuitive tools that let you reuse and remix elements. Transform your wireframe or mockup into a prototype all in the same app.

Interactive Prototypes

Add interactions and animations to describe how users will experience your design. Switch easily between design and prototype without leaving the app.

Live Previews

Eliminate guesswork by previewing your design complete with transitions. Make changes and see them immediately applied so your experience looks just the way you want it.

Easy Sharing

Send a link to team members and get quick feedback on your designs. Share production-ready artwork with developers so they can build to your specifications.

Try Adobe XD for Free

Adobe XD is in preview mode and currently available for Mac OS X users. Test drive the Adobe XD preview for Mac and tell them what you think. A Windows version is coming later this year.

The team is working in collaboration with the design community to build Adobe XD via user feedback on the UserVoice forum. Tell them what you want to see in the product and help influence the development of the tool.


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