Making A Case For The Desktop Hamburger Menu

A big part of being a UX designer is knowing how and when to use web elements appropriately. Offering shortcuts and streamlining a user experience can be incredibly satisfying, especially when it also simplifies the overall look and feel of a web page.

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Navigation to deep & architecture to deep
Navigation to deep

The depth of the navigation structure and information architecture is to deep and / or inconsequent.

Possible solution(s)

  • Use a fixed number of levels for structure.
  • Design architecture based on priority of content.
  • Scenarios, Scenarios, Scenarios.

Complex View Path View Path
Complex View Path

The order the user can process information and do tasks is awkward or not logical.

Possible solution(s)

  • Change the order of things (reading, scanning or tab -order) to support the user.
  • Keep it linear & simple.

Hard to press to press
Hard to press

Simply pressing buttons is hard to do. Buttons icons and links are to small to press.

Possible solution(s)

  • Rethink the size of buttons, links and icons.
  • Design it for touch use (finger size).

To much navigation options much navigation options

To much navigation options

The user has a hard time finding the right navigation option. There is simply to much to choose from.

Possible solution(s)

  • Find new ways to navigatie trough the product.
  • Thinking in user scenario’s might help (paths, not options).