Projects we loved to work on

Persona Template

The persona template is part of our toolset


UX for shopping spree

UXfever designs the interaction for the Score mobile website.


Research on victoms

Research project for combining information from 5 different (semi) goverment organisations for victoms of violent crimes.

Being a student got better!

UXfever re-designs the interaction of the website and mobile app for ISIC, the student card with over 4.2 million members.

ISIC Website ISIC App ISIC Commercial

Eneco's smart Thermostat

Eneco wants to make its customers aware of energy consumption. UXfever designs the user interaction for the smart thermostat Toon®.

Toon® is grown into a great product with Apps and connection to Philips Hue and other smart devices.


iPad 2014 2013

Other Material

Vision Website iPhone iPad

Shopping cart for power plants!


NEM is developing a on-line quote requests app for powerplant spare parts. UXfever designs the User Experience suited for desktop and tablets.

KLM extends your flight

Not just your ticket! Now you can select seating, meals and luggage options! UXfever manages the user experience for 2 new releases of

Controlling large equipment

After an Expert Review of the exsisting user interface of the IsoMatch Tellus, UXfever works on usability and user experience for all Kverneland machines. The new UI is currently under reviewed by all Kverneland group companies.

Old UI Website
Improve service of large equipment

Kverneland Group is a leading international company developing, producing and distributing agricultural machinery and services. Kverneland Group’s factories are located in Norway, Denmark, Germany, France, The Netherlands, Italy, Russia and China.

UXfever designs interaction to simplify service and training for all Kverneland machinery. The application supports simulations, firmware updates and more.

Website Service Tool Simulations

We ran Expert Reviews for: ISIC, Eneco, Aenova, Servoy, BOIP, AutoFlex, Cope, NEM, Ekantika, Kverneland, Minox, Corbion, Reflecta, and many more...

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