10 Reasons You Should Ask For User Feedback

We all know that optimizing the user and customer experience is vital for long-term business success, especially in the ecommerce industry. With this in mind, we’ve complied a list of 10 examples of why and how ecommerce players benefit from listening
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12 Tools For UX Design Newbies

It can be intimidating to get into user experience, especially if you’re a newbie who isn’t quite sure what to do at first. Fear not, these 12 tools will help you get to speed in no time. Even if you’re not a newbie, we’re betting that you can still use these tools to get better at what you’re doing!

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User Stories and Scenarios in UX Design

There was a time when the best website design was the one packed up with some cool new features, a weird navigation and anything else that the designer thought looked good. We trusted the designer’s taste and opinion often even more than our logic.

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How To Simplify Designs For Smart Users

Simplicity. Throwing too many elements at your readers at once is a good way to drive them into information overload. Too much at once does nothing to help the viewer interact with a webpage, and it may send them scrambling for the back button.

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Interface Animation. The Force of Motion

Even in the ancient times people knew about the great power of motion. Literature, art, folklore, technologies all witness numerous attempts of people to explain motion as one of the brightest features of life.

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UX vs CX: Which is more important?

You’ve probably heard the terms UX and CX, and how they’re the key to your company’s success. Many still aren’t clear, however about what the difference is between the two concepts. Perhaps you’re under the impression that only one of them is worth investing in, or that they’re both the same thing.

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Usability lessons to Improve Self-Service

Josie shook the television remote furiously—her digital recording device was refusing to record the upcoming episode of The Great British Bake Off. Frustrated, she opened up her laptop and searched the help site for the recorder.

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Making A Case For The Desktop Hamburger Menu

A big part of being a UX designer is knowing how and when to use web elements appropriately. Offering shortcuts and streamlining a user experience can be incredibly satisfying, especially when it also simplifies the overall look and feel of a web page.

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Remote User Research & Usability Methods

January 4, 2016

We all want to create products that make people’s lives easier and more enjoyable, products that delight people around us and ourselves. Creating great experiences starts with understanding your users, their behavior, motivations and goals.

Remote user studies are ideal for getting insights from end-users who may be located anywhere in the world. These studies provide access to a larger pool of potential customers, cut out travel time, and can significantly lower the cost of usability testing.

In this article I would like to discuss methods and tools for effective remote UX research, as well as how to make sure your research findings are put to good use.

When remote study works

Remote user research has two key advantages over traditional testing:

  • Flexibility. The remote method allows you to connect with…

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By Anna Iurchenko via UX Magazine

7 Methods for Discovering Usability Problems

Finding and fixing usability problems in an interface leads to a better user experience.

We often think of usability testing as the only method for evaluating the usability of a website or application. There are, however, other methods that can help uncover usability problems.

These methods can be broken down into empirical (usability testing, surveys, and analytics) or inspection methods (expert review, heuristic evaluation, cognitive walkthrough, and guideline review).

Each has their pros and cons but all can be a part of an organization’s approach for uncovering problems and creating a better user experience.

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